West Coast Basque Cuisine

A region stretching across the Pyrenees Mountains into France and Spain, the Basque Country is home to a centuries old culture and generations of rustic cooking. Patricia Wells has even described it as “one of the few regions in France that has spice.” In 2002, Chef Gerald Hirigoyen and his wife Cameron brought these authentic flavors to downtown San Francisco with the opening of Piperade. Its owners describe the restaurant as “West Coast Basque Cuisine,” bringing together these two cultures by incorporating fresh local ingredients into French, Spanish, and Basque dishes. Named after the classic Basque stew of sizzling peppers, tomatoes, and garlic topped with slices of ham and a poached egg, Piperade serves flavorful recipes in a cozy ambiance that is perfect for date nights, business meetings, or outings with family and friends.

Our menus

“Consistently terrific” Basque cuisine “continues to shine” at chef-owner Gerald Hirigoyen’s “sophisticated” North Beach eatery lauded for its “top-notch”, “creative” dishes that are “expertly prepared and full of flavor”; the “intimate” dining room features a glass-paneled wall of “incredible wines” amid “rustic-yet-elegant” decor, and an “attentive but unobtrusive” staff further helps make it a “go-to place for special occasions.”


Our Private events, Basque Hotel Dinner series, and Gifts

Our Lauburu Room provides a unique and fully private, vibrant, setting for up to 30 guests for seated events and up to 45 for standing receptions.

Held once a month, our Basque Hotel Dinner series is held in the Lauburu Room, named after the Basque cross symbolizing Life and Spirit – which is what these evenings are all about.

Gifts ranging from Chef Gerald’s books, gift vouchers and produce we use in our kitchens

Our location

Our location

1015 Battery St, San Francisco, CA 94111

1015 Battery St, San Francisco, CA 94111

Tel 415.391.2555

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