How You Can Help

The Asperger’s Syndrome Foundation relies on charitable donations to carry on its work supporting individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome and their families. There are many ways to help, get involved or donate.

To find out how to donate, volunteer, or leave a legacy, click on the links below:

Fundraising ideas

ASF does not have a fundraising or an advertising budget, so all our funds go directly to helping people with the condition. Be an Ambassador for ASF, and help raise valuable funds! It is helpful to set yourself a goal and explain why you are doing the event. Ask friends and family to sponsor you first, remember it’s who you know! Above all do something you enjoy and have fun!

Here are some of the ways you can help!


Even if you don’t have prizes to give away, auction off promises (car washing, chauffeuring, cooking etc).

Bake a cake

Everyone gets baking for a cake sale to raise money.

Bring & Buy

Bring in old toys, clothes, books, games, jewellery. anything you like in fact. And set up a stand to sell them.

Coffee Morning

Host a coffee morning at home, and charge a small price to attend. It will all help the people we support.

Fun Run

Get together a selection of raffle prizes, and sell raffle tickets to friends and family. 


Arrange a karaoke evening for your friends. It doesn’t matter if your guests can’t sing!

Dinner Party

Enjoy cooking? Then host a dinner party, charging a small amount for the evening. 


Get sponsored to do the activity of your choice, walk race, silence, swim etc


Get together a selection of raffle prizes and sell raffle tickets to friends and family.

Tea Party

Arrange an afternoon of tea, scones and cakes for your friends, and for a good cause.

Cheese and Wine

If cooking for a dinner party isn’t your thing, how about a cheese and wine evening instead?

Quiz Night

Hold a quiz night! Get teams to enter, and drum up some competition! 

Pamper or Poker

Set up your house as a relaxation centre, or as a casino, and invite your friends over!


Do you like barbecuing? Then why not host a barbecue for all of your friends on a summer evening?

Movie Night

Get a new movie or boxed set of a favourite program, and provide popcorn and refreshments!

Do Some Work

Get everyone involved with whatever suits you: Car washing, spring cleaning, offering taxi services etc!