Basque Hotel Dinner Series

Chef Gerald Hirigoyen and Piperade are proud to bring you our Basque Hotel Dinner Series.

Basque hotels and boarding houses were renown for their hospitality, but also played a large role in the Basque-American communities. They were more than just a place to stay in an unfamiliar land; the hotels were social centers where a sense of community was spread between locals and boarders who often relied on each other’s company to preserve the Basque language, culture, and legacy when in a foreign country.

The meal that typically accompanied a guests’s stay was another perfect way to stay connected – traditional dishes, served family style with a good bottle of wine, allowed for easy conversation and lasting friendships to form.

In honor of this tradition, Piperade will be offering a dinner once a month. Chef Hirigoyen will also curate a winery for the event. It is only fitting that we host our Basque Hotel Dinner series in our Lauburu Room, named after the Basque cross symbolizing Life and Spirit – which is what these evenings are all about.

The next dinner will be Tuesday, March 22nd featuring wines from Clos Pissarra in Priorat, Spain!

Please contact Piperade to reserve your seat.

Phone: 415.391.2555

Email: [email protected]