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The Asperger's Syndrome Foundation is primarily dedicated to providing training seminars for parents and professionals helping those with Asperger's Syndrome.

All seminars are sponsored and subsidised by the Asperger's Syndrome Foundation.


16th March 2012 Dr. Wendy Lawson and Zaffy Simone

Dr. Wendy Lawson (PhD) -“The Autism Spectrum & Brain Technology”

A counsellor, lecturer and author, being on the autism spectrum, Dr. Wendy Lawson (PhD) is passionate about the rights of those who so often cannot speak for themselves and aims to promote justice and equality for all. Wendy is proud of her autism. Being awarded fourth place as ‘Victorian Australian of the year’ in 2008, Wendy knows what it means to represent others and advocate on their behalf. The mother of four children, two of her sons are also on the autistic spectrum.

Wendy’s work explores the influence of neurological development in individuals with autism with reference to impact upon learning styles. Having written numerous papers and books on the topic, Wendy is committed to enlightening all those who are willing to hear and to see, just how those of us on the spectrum learn and love, the best.

This presentation will outline current brain imaging technologies and what they show about autism. It will address how autism is displaying a different way of thinking and of learning, and demonstrates ways of bridging the gaps between us in a new decade where we are able to use technology to empower and give the AS population back the voice they have lost. Thus this will enable individuals with AS to contribute to society and feel good about who they are.

Zaffy Simone – “Autism Spectrum, Sensory Issues, Anxiety and Appropriate Remedies”

Zaffy Simone is a skilled workshop facilitator, public speaker and trainer and talks from a personal perspective about the joys and challenges of autism. Zaffy has lifelong experience and understanding of the autistic sensory and nutritional system and is able to talk eloquently and helpfully on these and other autism related topics.

Zaffy will share a brief history of her childhood including things in her upbringing that helped as well as hindered her. She will discuss her health and sensory issues and the journey that she has had with general medicine and alternative medicine including homeopathy. Zaffy will share techniques that she has learned that help with her sensory/nervous system. Included in her presentation is a discussion of her art work and its relationship to her autism, as well as how it has been her ultimate survival tool with helping her with sensory overload.

Aimed at:
Anyone who has contact in any way with an individual with Asperger’s syndrome, including individuals themselves, parents, clinicians, all other health professionals, local authority professionals, and teaching staff.


As a result of feed-back from previous Seminars, children under 18 may not attend our Seminars.


28th November 2011 Dr. Luke Beardon and Robyn Steward
“Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome: Exploding the Myths”
17th October 2011 Annie Etherington
“Supporting the Development of Emotional Literacy and Well-Being for the Child and Young Person with Asperger's Syndrome”
16th May 2011 Fiona Speirs and Chay Osler
“Asperger’s Syndrome – Self-Esteem Positive Achievements”
16th March 2011 Dr. Wendy Lawson (PhD)
“The Passionate Mind: How People with Autism Learn”
6th December 2010 Fiona Speirs and Chay Osler
“Asperger’s Syndrome – Self-Esteem Positive Achievements”
8th Nov 2010 Annie Etherington
“Supporting and Developing Social Competence and Understanding”
21st May 2010 Dr. Wendy Lawson (PhD)
“Social Demand, Autism & the Asperger’s Spectrum”
23rd November 2009 Sarah Hendrickx and Matthew Tinsley
"Asperger Syndrome - Social and Personal Relationships"
13th October 2009 Annie Etherington
“Supporting and Developing Social Competence and Understanding”
11th May 2009 Wendy Lawson
“Sensory Issues in Autism (ASD)”
30th March 2009 Wendy Lawson
“Social Demands, AS, & Coping Strategies”
9th February 2009 Anna Tullemans
“Sensory Sensitivities and Behaviour”
1st December 2008 Sarah Hendrickx
"Relationships and Asperger's Syndrome"
28th April 2008 Wendy Lawson
"Sensory Issues and Anger Management"
29th October 2007 Sarah Hendrickx and Keith Newton
"Relationships and Asperger's Syndrome"
11th May 2007 Luke Beardon and Stephen Allen
"Anger management and sensory issues"
29th Jan 2007 Dr Lindsay Peer CBE and Michael Gordon
"Strategies in the Classroom for Children and Adolescents with Asperger's Syndrome"
20th Nov 2006 Christine Haugh & Chris Mitchell
"Transition to College/University for AS students:Sharing Good Practice"
12th May 2006 Tony Attwood & Michelle Garnett
"Making Friends and Managing Feelings"
26th April 2006 Wendy Lawson
"Keys to understanding Asperger's Syndrome"
1st March 2006 Maxine Aston
"Relationship Counseling & Asperger's Syndrome"
8th February 2006 Ann le Couteur
29th November 2005 Lindsay Peer CBE
"Winning with Asperger's Syndrome - Working Towards Successful Inclusion"
9th November 2005 Luke Beardon
"Asperger's Syndrome, Justice, Ethics and Morality"

Genevieve Edmonds
"Soultion-Focused Autism & Asperger's Syndrome"
30th September 2005 Amitta Shah
"Stress, Vulnerability and Breakdown in Asperger's Syndrome"
26 May 2005 Jenny Ronayne
"Understanding and Working with Asperger's Syndrome"
4th March 2005 Luke Beardon
"How to Avoid Anxiety and Anger in Asperger's Syndrome"
19th January 2005 Luke Beardon
"How Sensory Processing Affects Behaviour in Asperger's Syndrome"
9th November 2004 Luke Beardon
"Sensory Issues and Anger Management in Asperger's Syndrome"
24th April 2004 Jackie Heywood
"Practical Strategies to Guide Parents and Carers in their Support of Children and Young Adults with Asperger's Syndrome"

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