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  1. Could Asperger's Syndrome be inherited?

  2. Could a difficult pregnancy or birth have been a cause?

  3. Is there a specific area of the brain that is Dysfunctional?

  4. Could we have caused the condition?

  5. Can Asperger's Syndrome occur with another disorder?

  6. What is the difference between the syndrome and the normal range of abilities and personality?

  7. Could the pattern be secondary to a language disorder?

  8. Can Asperger's Syndrome occur with Attention Deficit Disorder?

  9. Could Asperger's Syndrome be a form of schizophrenia?

  10. What is the difference between High Functioning Autism and Asperger's Syndrome?

  11. Do girls have a different expression of the syndrome?

  12. How can you reduce the person's level of anxiety?

  13. Is the person likely to become depressed?

  14. What are the changes we can expect during adolescence?

  15. Can the person develop normal relationships?

  16. Are people with Asperger's Syndrome more likely to be involved in criminal activities?

  17. What should we look for in a school and teacher?

  18. What are the advantages of using the term Asperger's Syndrome?

  19. How do you share the news?

These FAQ's are abridged from Tony Attwood's book: Asperger's Syndrome, A Guide for Parents and Professionals. We are extremely grateful to Tony for allowing us to use his material.
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